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About Us

Martz Plumbing and Heating was established in 1946 by "Bud" and Chester Martz. Keeping the business in family hands, Wayne and Debbie Martz took over the business in 1977. New owners took over after Wayne was ready to sell.

Martz Plumbing specializes in boiler work, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and sheet metal work. It is truly a one-stop shop for all your remodeling and replacement needs.

Martz HVAC mechanics are all certified with CFC training and have professional knowledge of heat pumps, furnaces, water heaters and all other aspects of heating and air conditioning. The employees are retrained on a yearly basis on the new technology that has become readily available, servicing both gas and oil equipment.

Wayne Martz explained the importance of training. "Higher efficient equipment means more training," Martz said. "With rising fuel costs, new high efficiency equipment can save homeowners hundreds of dollars per year."

An example of this is radiant floor heating, an alternative to other forms of heat due to the high costs of fuel, Bruce explained. Radiant heat works due to tubing laid underneath the floor of any room. Pipes are then attached to the boiler to distribute water from the boiler to heat the proximity of the room. The method is widely regarded as the most economical way to heat a home, reducing energy costs up to 50 percent.

Martz has been a solid leader in the HVAC business for more than 50 years, and Bruce Mouer attributes the success of the business to its rapport with customers. Bruce also speaks highly of his dedicated staff of employees for their quality work and commitment. "With 62 years of business, it speaks volumes," said Mouer, who is proud of the professionalism that all his employees adhere to.

Martz services a 20-mile radius, with 24-hour emergency service for extreme cases of repair. Also, free estimates are available prior to equipment replacement or remodeling.

In 2006, Martz Plumbing was given the Aircon Engineering Award of Excellence in recognition of outstanding performance. Lined on the wall next to the award are many letters sent by Martz customers praising their fast and friendly service -- using phrases such as "extremely efficient" and "fast and friendly."

Martz Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Heating